Liquid Dutast 30mL 0.5mg/mL

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Liquid Dutast 30mL 0.5mg/mL


For research purposes only
Not for human consumption


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    liquid dutast
    Review by rexon 10/5/11
    great product
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    This stuff works - and my rat is damn glad that it does
    Review by Edwardon 2/1/11
    I was a bit hesitant buying a research chem, but this stuff works. My lab rat has been losing it's hair for the last 3 years at a good pace. Tried rogaine on it and it probably kept it from losing more hair, but no new growth or anything. Decided to give this a try and damn if new hair has sprouted and it's getting thicker by the day. Ran it at .5mg/day for the first 20 days and skimmped down to .25mg/day for the next 20 and hair got thicker and healthier looking. Just ordered 2 more to continue the process so hopefully the rat goes back to pre-loss (or close to it) status.

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