Liquid Prami 60mL 1mg/mL

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Liquid Prami 60mL 1mg/mL


Similar to Cabergoline on paper, but far more effective in actual administration, Pramipexole is a strong dopamine agonist, helping to reduce prolactin secretion.

For research purposes only
Not for human consumption


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    Review by jackon 9/22/11
    Difficult to rate the product itself... as always Rui is 5star. Dosing this is difficult, make my study group sick if they get too much. Has a good effect if you get dosage correct... a little dab wil do ya. haha
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    Horrible naussia every time
    Review by ECIon 10/5/10
    Every other RUI product has been top notch but every single time this is dosed the test subjects get horrible naussia and in many cases vomit. It is hard to tell if the product is working because dosing is near to impossible. This is at .5ml dose. Both with or without food.

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